Prairie Developer Conference - Saskatoon, SK

Building for the Modern Web with James Chambers

This December we're offering a special two-day workshop on "Building for the Modern Web" with speaker and author James Chambers! This workshop will be made available in Winnipeg and Regina the first week of December 2014 and has limited spaces available so register today!

When: Dec 1 - 2 in Winnipeg, Dec 4 - 5 in Regina

Cost: $799.99

Breakfast and lunch are included for both days of the workshop.

Registration Links:

Building for the Modern Web - Workshop Description

Trying to keep up with the curve, never mind getting ahead of it, has never been easy in web development. With new libraries and competing approaches over the years, it's been hard to guess at which boat is the right one to jump into.

Thankfully, the next few years are a little more clear.

Frameworks have evolved and leaders in library development have emerged. While there still exists many competing approaches, most are mature enough that they are feasible, even wise choices to include in your projects.

Microsoft has chosen who they think will emerge and started doing some very interesting things; namely, they have started including some of these toolkits and frameworks as part of the default template and they've begun a serious effort to put tooling around those bits directly in Visual Studio. In essence, they've created a path of least resistance for web developers on the .NET stack.

Walking the Path

This workshop focuses on the three bets Microsoft is hedging on in the coming versions of Visual Studio: the ASP.NET MVC Framework, the Bootstrap CSS and JS framework, and Google's AngularJS library.

The MVC Framework - a clean, straightforward approach to web development that favors convention over configuration. It tries to get out of your way and helps you achieve other goals such as code reuse, unit testing and seperation of concerns.

Bootstrap - a mature "starting point" that gives you a design language to use in building out your look-and-feel. Combining CSS and JS to help your site look great and have a consistent UX from browser to browser, Bootstrap is also fully themable and customizable.

AngularJS - the "Model-View-Whatever" framework for the client. It lessens the code you need to write, provides binding capabilities to HTML and just like the MVC Framework on the server, helps keep your logic and data represenation seperate from the display concerns.

What To Expect

This workshop is made up of four modules, each building from the last as you complete an application that makes use of all three components.

As you learn to walk the path of least resistance you'll build controllers on the server and in the client with AngularJS, you'll use the MVC Framework to leverage Bootstrap, and you'll integrate Bootstrap components and JavaScript with AngularJS to build a rich, interactive user experience.

All aspects of web development are testable, so we'll discuss and experiment with the tools you need to ensure your app is running smoothly before you deploy.

We'll also cover two other pressing matters: source code control and application deployment. All source code from the workshop will be available via GitHub, and we'll be continuously deploying our apps to the cloud.

Topics Covered


  • Basics: Models, views, controllers and convention
  • Extending MVC and code reuse
  • Filters and startup concerns
  • Base controllers and inheritance
  • Dependency injection
  • Best practices and lessons learned


  • Basics: Built-in elements, components and behaviors
  • The responsive grid layout system
  • Themes and customization
  • Building from LESS source in Visual Studio


  • Basics: Models, views and whatever
  • Controllers, scopes and binding
  • Working with remote data
  • Filters, expressions, forms and validation
  • Providers, services and the injector

What You Need To Prepare

There are some software pre-requisites that we will send out prior to the workshop. We intend to keep fully current, so we are holding off on sending install requests until we know the full set of tools available at the time of the workshop.

You will need to bring a laptop capable of running current versions of Visual Studio. The presenter will be using an i7 with 8Gb RAM, as a reference. If you're there or better you should be good.

James Chambers - Bio

James Chambers

James Chambers
Brandon, MB

James Chambers is an entertaining and fast-moving speaker that keeps you on your toes with content coming a mile a minute (or faster). He pulls no punches with the technology he talks about, and knows it inside-out because he uses it every day. Employed at LogiSense Corp as the Product and Community Development Manager, James is also a Microsoft MVP in Asp.Net/IIS and speaks at conferences, workshops, UG events and brown-bag lunches across Canada where he tries to get the audience laughing with him more than at him. Beyond his technology interests (which span from web to cloud to mobile) he is also active in the community raising funds to alleviate poverty, provide clean drinking water and to help find a cure for Juvenile Diabetes.