Microsoft DevOps Workshop with Dylan Smith

Wednesday, April 13 2016

DevOps is the new buzzword of the year it seems. In this hands-on workshop we’ll explore some of the practices that fall under the DevOps banner, and help you understand why (or if) you should care about the DevOps movement. You will be tasked with taking a sample application and implementing various DevOps practices using the Microsoft DevOps tools (i.e. TFS + Visual Studio + Azure). Over the course of the day, we’ll explore each of the following practices and you will get hands-on experience implementing them with a demo application and environment. We’ll explore not just how to use the various tools, but best practices around each of these areas, and how and why to apply them within your team and organization.

  • Automated Build (with TFS)
  • Automated Deployment (Web + Database)
  • Automated Environment Provisioning (with Azure ARM)
  • Release Management (with TFS)
  • Automated UI Testing
  • Application Monitoring (with Application Insights)

Note: Even if you have past experience with Build and/or Release Management with TFS, both of those systems have undergone a complete overhaul/rewrite recently, and all workshop activities will be focused on the newest versions. Participants must bring a laptop that is capable of Remote Desktop’ing into a VM over the internet.

Pricing for this workshop is $299.99 standalone or $199.99 if bundled with a conference registration.

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