Introduction to the CQRS and Event Sourcing Patterns Workshop with Dylan Smith

Wednesday, March 4 2015

CQRS (Command Query Responsibility Segregation) and Event Sourcing are two distributed architecture patterns that when combined produce a very compelling architecture for a lot of problems that we as software developers face on a regular basis. Why do we insist on using the same data model to service both the transactional portion of our software and the queries/read portion? We typically only store the current state of our entities, what happens when the business wants to do some analysis on *why* the data is what it is? The CQRS + Event Sourcing patterns attempt to address these concerns and provide a number of other valuable benefits, both technical benefits, but more importantly business benefits that translate directly into business value for your organization.

Since we have a full day, we’ll dive deeper than a simple introduction and look at a real implementation of CQRS along with all the concerns that a developer/architect needs to consider. We’ll walk through the implementation of a couple of new features using this architecture. But even more exciting, you – the attendees – will be hands-on and be tasked with implementing a new feature of your own in an existing CQRS application. We’ll have Azure VM’s setup for you to do all development, all you need is a laptop capable of Remote Desktop’ing into a VM. Since I’m a hardcore ALM guy, I might also sneak in some learning around how to work in a project that has proper automated build/deploy setup to help streamline your development.

Pricing for this workshop is $299.99 standalone or $199.99 if bundled with a conference workshop.

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