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Our Winnipeg event has the largest session list of any Prairie Dev Con, covering web, mobile, cloud, development fundamentals, team building, and entrepreneurial topics!

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Our speakers come from all over North America, and are experts in their field!

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Prairie Dev Con is an inclusive technology conference that strives to be accessible to all members of our technical community! Whether an enterprise, a startup, or a student, we want to make it easy to attend Prairie Dev Con!

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Venue - Canad Inns Destination Centre Polo Park

The Prairie Developer Conference will once again be held at the Canad Inns Destination Centre Polo Park! This hotel and conference centre features multiple restaurants, a pool with water slide, and is minutes from the airport, theatres, and shopping.

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Keynote: These Walls Can Talk - Jay Smith

Last year Joel Semeniuk keynoted on the "Coming Tsunami" of mobile computing. This year Jay Smith talks about another wave - the Internet of Things! Below is his keynote abstract.

Man-made things are everywhere. They cook our meals, they wake us up in the morning, they make our coffee hot, they span rivers, and they protect our bodies from the harsh Manitoba cold. Yet the ordinary things that surround us every day are changing; they're getting smarter... and they're starting to talk to each other. As developers, we need to join the conversation.

You may know how to design for smartphones, tablets, and PCs, but have you considered taking advantage of the UX possibilities provided by a smart light bulb? Have you ever wished that your Staples Easy Button could actually order office supplies? Are you ready to live and work in a world where your kitchen appliances provide more telemetry than the Apollo Program?

It's all possible and it's getting easier than ever. From smartphones to smart slow cookers, we'll take look at the internet-of-things.

Introduction to the CQRS and Event Sourcing Patterns Workshop with Dylan Smith

Prairie Dev Con is thrilled to offer a full day workshop on Wednesday, March 4th by Dylan Smith on CQRS (Command Query Responsibility Segregation) and Event Sourcing - two distributed architecture patterns that when combined produce a very compelling architecture for a lot of problems that we as software developers face on a regular basis.

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