Below are episodes from the Prairie Dev Con Podcast! Look for more episodes in January and February 2015 as we ramp up to Prairie Dev Con Winnipeg in March 2015! You can also subscribe to our rss feed by clicking here!

Episode #1 - Migrating From ASP.NET WebForms

James Chambers and Simon Timms

Summer 2014

For our first podcast we bring in two veterans of Prairie Dev Con, James Chambers and Simon Timms, to discuss ASP.NET Webforms and strategies for how to move away from it to newer Microsoft web technologies like ASP.NET MVC.

James Chambers
Brandon, MB

James Chambers is an entertaining and fast-moving speaker that keeps you on your toes with content coming a mile a minute (or faster). He pulls no punches with the technology he talks about, and knows it inside-out because he uses it every day. Employed at LogiSense Corp as the Product and Community Development Manager, James is also a Microsoft MVP in Asp.Net/IIS and speaks at conferences, workshops, UG events and brown-bag lunches across Canada where he tries to get the audience laughing with him more than at him. Beyond his technology interests (which span from web to cloud to mobile) he is also active in the community raising funds to alleviate poverty, provide clean drinking water and to help find a cure for Juvenile Diabetes.

Simon Timms
Calgary, AB

Simon is a developer who loves writing code. He writes in a variety of languages and using a number of tools. For the most part he develops web applications with .net backends. He is very interested in visualizations and cloud computing. A background in builds and system administration keeps him on the straight and narrow when it comes to dev-ops.

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Episode #2 - All Things Cloud

Jonathan Rozenblit and Tyler Doerksen

Summer 2014

For our second podcast on the cloud we talk with Jonathan Rozenblit and Tyler Doerksen - two guys who have been living "the cloud" for the last few years! We discuss various topics including security/accessibility concerns, barriers to cloud adoption, and demystifying what the term "cloud" actually means.

Jonathan Rozenblit
Toronto, ON

Jonathan is a developer evangelist that comes to Microsoft from the corporate world. Having managed both small and large development teams, Jonathan has experience in corporate development and a passion for helping developers and companies improve their application development practices. In his previous roles, he is known as the person that brings others along, showing developers how they can improve their skills and careers, and most importantly, showing them what's possible. He is an active member of the developer community and brings a wealth of technical experience across Microsoft technologies such as .NET, SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, and Windows Azure, and interoperability across many others. You can catch him on the Canadian Solutions Developers' Blog, Canadian Developer Connection, Twitter, LinkedIn, and live events throughout Canada.

Tyler Doerksen
Winnipeg, MB

Tyler is a Microsoft .NET software developer based out of Winnipeg Manitoba and completely passionate about new technologies like Windows Azure. For the past 10 years he has been using Microsoft technologies to help businesses reach their full potential. He enjoys participating in the software community through speaking and discussion groups and in 2012 I was awarded Windows Azure MVP by Microsoft for his community involvement.

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Episode #3 - Making Agile Work

Steve Rogalsky and Chad McCallum

Summer 2014

Have you ever tried implementing Agile in your team or organization and struggled with it? Or are you considering trying to incorporate Agile techniques or methodologies into your workplace? Then this is the podcast episode for you! We talk with leading Agile thought leader Steve Rogalsky and Agile proponent Chad McCallum about the challenges around implementing Agile, the risks involved, and techniques for helping transition organizational change.

Steve Rogalsky
Winnipeg, MB

Steve Rogalsky first started experimenting with agile and lean techniques as a child. He learned the importance of ‘test first’ and the folly of ‘test last’ after starting a snow ball fight with the older kids in the neighbourhood. While playing the popular lego game of ‘zoom your vehicle towards your brother’s vehicle and see which one breaks first’, he honed his simple design and iterative development skills. Steve is a process hacker, accomplished agilist, and co-founder of the Winnipeg Agile User Group. Passionate about his family, working with people, solving problems, coaching, agile, lean, and continuous improvement. Blogs at http://winnipegagilist.blogspot.com

Chad McCallum
Regina, SK

Chad McCallum is a Saskatchewan computer geek and ASP.NET MVP with over 7 years of .NET experience. After graduating from the Computer Systems Technology course at SIAST in Saskatoon he picked up contracting until he could pester iQmetrix to give him a job, where he's been for the last 7 years. He had a brief stint in Vancouver working on interactive retail software. Since then he's come back to Regina, SK where he’s started HackREGINA, a hackathon organization aimed at strengthening the developer community while coding and drinking beer. Somehow between his real-life job and sleep he managed to publish a Pluralsight course on 10 Ways to Build Web Services in .NET. His current focus is single-page applications with JavaScript. Between random app ideas, he tries to learn a new technology every week - you can see the results on www.rtigger.com

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Episode #4 - Security Hot Topics

Jay Smith

Fall 2014

Join me and Jay Smith, a Security Consultant with Online Business Systems, as we discuss recent hot topics around events related to security:

  • Recent celebrity hacks - what happened and how to prevent attacks like this.
  • US's HealthCare.Gov site being hacked - not what you think, and actually scarier!
  • ShellShock - the Bash vulnerability and what it's implications are.

Jay Smith
Winnipeg, MB

Jay Smith does not like insecure code. He doesn't like it so much that he's decided to dedicate much of his life to putting a stop to it. As a security consultant with Online Business Systems, his job is to track down weakness in code and educate developers on how to stop them from happening. As a director at SkullSpace Winnipeg - Winnipeg's Hackerspace - he runs a savvy community with a passion for security, privacy, and technology. As a founder of the Winnipeg chapter of the Security BSides Conference, he's able to take security education to a broader audience. He also likes to develop code occasionally too. It's pretty fun.

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