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Interested in sponsoring Prairie Dev Con? Get all the details below!

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Sponsorship Levels

We believe that sponsorship needs to be a win-win for both the conference and the sponsoring organization. We provide multiple benefits as part of our sponsorship packages including free passes, booth space, attendee communication opportunities, a discount on purchased registrations, and more.

There are two levels of sponsorship:

  • Diamond - $5,000.00
  • Gold - $2,500.00
Note - GST will be applied to sponsorships

Each level includes the following...

Complimentary Conference Passes (Diamond 5, Gold 2)

Sponsorship levels include free conference passes which can be given to anybody of the sponsor’s choosing: clients, employees, etc. The passes are valid for the two day conference and not for any pre or post conference workshops. Diamond level sponsors receive 5 passes and Gold level sponsors receive 2.

Booth Space Included (Location Preference to Diamond)

All sponsorship levels include space to set up a booth at the conference. Sponsors may staff the booth with up to 2 people per day. Preference of booth location at the event is given in the order of sponsorship confirmation with Diamond sponsors selecting first.

Vendor Sessions (Diamond Given Preference)

Vendor Sessions are slotted in alongside the regular sessions throughout the conference. Each sponsor is allowed one Vendor Session slot. Preference is given in the order of sponsorship confirmation with Diamond sponsors selecting first. Note that the deadline to confirm a vendor session slot for Prairie Dev Con Calgary 2020 is March 1st.

Provide Promotional Material

Sponsors will have the opportunity to include promotional material in the registration package given to all attendees.

Post-Event Email Message

Sponsors will have the opportunity to provide a message to attendees delivered with the post-event communication sent by the conference.

Sponsor Registration Price

Sponsors get a 25% discount for any purchased registrations. Note no group discounts apply.

Marketing/Website/Signage Recognition

Sponsors will be recognized in our marketing materials, on our website, and on event signage. The size and prominence of sponsor logos will be based on sponsorship level, with Diamond being the largest. Logos/names will be displayed based on the date sponsorship was confirmed.

How Does My Organization Become a Sponsor?

Just contact us at DARCY@PRAIRIEDEVCON.COM and we'd be happy to discuss bringing your organization on board as a sponsor!