The Microservices One Day Workshop is $300.00 if bundled with a conference registration, or $400.00 standalone.

Microservices Workshop

Facilitator: Simon Timms

Date: Monday, October 21st 2019

Location: DoubleTree by Hilton, Prince Albert Room (Main Floor)

Time: 7:30 AM (Breakfast and Registration) - 5:00 PM

From Simon Timms, Workshop Moderator:

Can you believe it is less than a week until the microservices workshop? I know, I'm excited too! To get the best out of the workshop there are some things you might want to prepare ahead of time. We're going to build out a microservice or two and we're going to do it on top of a framework called Azure Durable Functions. You can pick between working in C# or JavaScript. Bring your laptops and have installed:


  • Install Visual Studio 2019. Make sure that the Azure development workload is also installed. Visual Studio 2017 also supports Durable Functions development, but the UI and steps differ.
  • Verify you have the Azure Storage Emulator installed and running.


I'll have storage accounts available if you don't have an azure account.

Workshop Description

As products increase in complexity and the teams that develop them grow maintaining a single code base becomes more and more difficult. Fortunately, development best practices have grown to meet the challenges of these more complex systems.

Microservices have become a well understood and stable approach to dealing with large teams and large products.

In this workshop we'll talk about

  • Defining what makes a microservice
  • The advantages and disadvantages of microservices
  • When to use microservices and when to love the monolith
  • How to start moving from a monolith to microservices
  • Defining microservice boundaries
  • Communicating between services
  • CAP theorem, distributed transactions and eventual consistency
  • The challenges of deploying and versioning microservices
  • Microservices on the cloud: Serverless, Kubernetes, and friends

With the theory figured out we'll look at some practical applications.